Three VA T4NG Execs on the move - Hurkamp, Van Dyke and Vaswani

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G2X TAKE: The fiscal year is over, and after what has been a whirlwind 6 months, we are seeing an increase in movement as T4NG primes jockey for position. Included here are three more growth leaders who will have new logos on their badge next week at NVSBE.

T4NG and CMS SPARC prime, Favor TechConsulting has added fast rising executive, Monica Van Dyke, to serve as a new Vice President of Business Development. Monica's experience both delivering and growing business across the the civilian and defense health sector for several high profile programs, combined with her expertise as an attorney should make her a valuable addition to what promises to be one very fast growing company over the next few years.

The opportunity to join this "dream team of folks who have an unbelievable track record of winning large transformational deals" appears to have been the driving factor for the decision by Mark Hurkamp to join Accenture. In his new role, this veteran growth executive with experience supporting multiple T4 primes will be focused on VA, though we suspect, given his broad Healthcare IT and Capture expertise, Mark's services will be in demand across any large complex pursuit efforts.

Last, but not least, AbleVets has recruited rising star Avinay Vaswani to serve as a new Account Director. Avinay's experience supporting several high growth firms, such as Booz Allen, Agilex, Octo and Accenture will be valuable experience as this T4NG prime starts to take off. 

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