VA stands up site explaining Digital Health Platform

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VA’s Digital Health Platform – VA Office of Information and Technology

DHP is an entirely new approach to healthcare, leveraging public-private partnerships and VA’s vast data stores to create a new paradigm for health services delivery — and public services delivery across every Federal agency. DHP is a cloud-based technology platform integrating Veteran data from VA, military and commercial electronic health records (EHRs), applications, devices and wearables to a Veteran’s healthcare team in real-time.

How will it work?

For clinicians and Veterans, DHP provides a comprehensive dashboard spanning a Veteran’s complete health record. From a technology standpoint, DHP incorporates open health data standards such as HL7 and cloud-based technologies to bring together the best innovations in a framework that rapidly delivers new functionality to the nation’s Veterans. DHP leverages a network of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate military and commercial health data, while unifying VA’s data stores, connecting patient to provider in real-time, and predicting the most successful care to provide a better experience to the Veteran… Check out the site here

G2X TAKE: Showcasing three different use cases, the VA has launched a new interactive site aimed at explaining in plain language what the cloud-based technology platform is, and how it will impact Veteran care. The many firms vying to play a role in support of VA will be paying close attention to the tone and language that VA is using as they prepare to make their own pitches.

It is unclear how a new administration, and what is expected to be a new CIO and Secretary will impact any current plans. Regardless, this site and the promotion around it will serve many purposes, one of which is to help educate and bring any new government entrants up to speed.

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