AWARD: VA Logistics and Prosthetics GUI Overlay contract

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G2X TAKE: Beating out one other bidder, this leading health technology and services company that specializes in the integration and development of interoperable information exchange has just picked up a 4 year $44M single award IDIQ at VA in support of the Logistics and Prosthetics Graphical User Interface Overlay initiative.

Document Storage Systems, Inc (DSS) was selected to fulfill the requirement for enterprise reporting, dashboards, and data integration software packages to provide a Logistics and Prosthetics Graphical User Interface (GUI) Overlay to Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) for users at VA Medical Centers (VAMC). 

With a unique set of offerings and expertise, DSS continues to be very focused in their marketing efforts as they look to expand their Federal Health footprint.

Some of their recent thought pieces include an article on Improving DoD And VA Data Sharing To Enhance Patient Safety and an event summary highlighting their active participation in the VistA community meetings.

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