VA CIO unveils digital health platform proof of concept

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POLITICO Morning eHealth, By David Pittman, 10/25/16 10:00 AM EDT

"BEYOND VISTA: VA Chief Information Officer Laverne Council on Monday unveiled the proof of concept for the VA’s digital health platform to her boss, VA Chief Bob McDonald, as well as private sector and academic collaborators. The IT people at VA and the Veterans Health Administration are building out the EHR-agnostic platform for such a time when they switch from VistA to a commercial off-the-shelf system (Cerner or Epic, presumably).

— “The proof of concept shows that this model can work — and with the right partnerships and collaboration we can build the best health platform for veterans,” said spokesman Tim Cox. Council has described VistA as “really just the heartbeat of the organism,” saying the platform has additional pieces that will help the VA manage care and support veterans outside the clinic. The plan is to build out the platform, with an RFI for a new EHR possibly going out in 2018."

G2X TAKE: Word that VA CIO LaVerne Council  unveiled the proof of concept for the VA’s "digital health platform" to a small group of VA leaders and advisors early this week will have the contracting community asking around to see what, if any information they can gather. This Politico blurb goes on to state that the plan remains to build out this platform, with an RFI for a new EHR possibly going out in 2018. How a new administration will affect or alter these plans is still TBD -- 2018 is a long way off.

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