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What happens to, FCW, By Chase Gunter, March 13, 2017

“…The site is a hallmark of ACA, and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to get to a point where all its operations run smoothly.

A House source told FCW that the site's infrastructure will remain in place, but "there is no longer going to be a from a consumer-facing standpoint," adding, "I don't know what year or when this happens."

By moving away from a centralized marketplace, "the idea would be to devolve that responsibility to the states" to give them the option of creating their own marketplace, the source said.

This would largely supplant the function of the single marketplace site, unless a state opts not to build its own site, in which case, it could rely on the current centralized infrastructure…”

G2X TAKE: While much has yet to be determined, this article touches on what may become one of the “more than $1 billion investment in IT to support the online purchasing of health plans through government exchanges”. With change comes opportunity and firms are already known to be working their strategic plans to support CMS at both the Federal and state levels. A quick glance at any job board highlights the large increase in firms recruiting for growth-minded executives to support state-level medicaid efforts. 

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