​T4NG Prime, HMS Technologies picking up strategic wins at VISN level

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G2X TAKE: Almost 9 months after the award of this 10 year $22.3B IDIQ, we are starting to see many of the new primes establish their identity on this vehicle as they work to differentiate themselves from the competition. This most recent award continues a trend for this SDVOSB to support VA at the VISN level.

This $4.5M 3-year task awarded to support Voice System Maintenance for VISN 2 sites was awarded to HMS Technologies. In isolation, it is a very nice win, but when you take a step back and start to look at some of the other tasks this group has been awarded, it becomes clearer that, whether on purpose or happenstance, HMS is becoming a go-to resource for VA on VISN level support efforts. As an example, some other recent tasks awards to HMS include a 4 year $4.1M task to support VISN 5 PBX Maintenance and a 5 year $5.3M task to provide VISN 12 PBX maintenance support.

Some firms will tend to shy away from tasks that support activities outside of VACO as they can be more challenging from a delivery standpoint, especially in the areas of staffing. With a new administration on the near horizon and what promises to be a different agenda, any experience, and relationships, gained in support of VISN activities could prove to be quite valuable. 

We should note that HMS is by no means defined solely based on these tasks as they have picked up their fair share of awards to support other important VA programs and activities, such as FSS Program Management Support, Tier III application support, support for the Applied Informatics Deployment team and Education Benefit processing support. 

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