​Strong Finish to FY 15 for newest VA T4 Prime

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ProSphere Tek's strong finish for FY 15 includes recent awards at VA.

G2X TAKE: With award announcements last week that included the VA benefits claims decision support system and the $4.6M VA OPRM Hosting Platform, it is challenging to keep track of the actions as they have come in fast and furious over the last month. As the lone winner of the on-ramp in 2013, ProSphere Tek may be the newest prime on this contract, but the team they have assembled has clearly figured out the winning formula. Should they receive an award on T4NG, their well-oiled machine will make them a front runner to take down more than their fair share of the early tasks.

Some other notable recent wins for ProSphere include Enterprise Messaging Infrastructure Veteran Interoperability Integration; a $12M FileMan 23 Enterprise Development task; a $4.6M task order for Open Source Coordination Services; the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) SharePoint Sites task; an award for the Daily Plan: (TDP) including enhancements and modification of original source code; a $5.8M Veteran Authorization Preference Enhancements (VAPE) Program Support task; and a $6.2M award for the VA Memorial Cemetery Management project. 

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