SOLICITATION: HHS ACF seeks support for Office of Child Care Information System (OCCIS)

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** Update 8.26.16

This contract is to support States, Territories, and Tribes (alternately referred to as CCDF grantees) to collect, manage, and report federally mandated child care data.

This includes the continuing development, operation, maintenance and modernization of an IT infrastructure, i.e., Office of Child Care Information System (OCCIS), which permits CCDF grantees to submit required data. The same IT infrastructure also permits OCC to view/review grantee data submissions, manipulate and download data, as well as generate a variety of statistical reports and data visualization to respond to questions from many different stakeholders. Tied to this effort are the modernization, integration, maintenance and dissemination of data systems and stand-alone software utilities, i.e., Data Viewer and Data Tracker that provide CCDF grantee.

Response Due: 9/16/2016 3:00 PM  

G2X TAKE:  Initially released as a CIO-SP3 SB sources sought, it appears that the HHS Administration for Children and Families wasn’t content with the level of response they received for this effort for ongoing development of systems to support the collection, management and reporting of Child Care Data from grantees. This solicitation was recently released on CIO-SP3. 

Looking to partner? A couple of CIO-SP3 primes known to have relationships and/or past contracts with this organization include GDIT and ICF.

A popular choice to reach out to for proposal surge support on this will be Helen Papadopoulos, as firms look to leverage the expertise and insight she has with this organization. 

** Posted 7.28.16

The Contractor will address the data entry, security, extracts, analyses, and presentation of annually and monthly collected State, Territory, and Tribal CCDF data, as well as, State and Territory CCDF Plans. These activities include the development and dissemination of software utilities, T/TA services to CCDF grantees, and Information Technology (IT) services that include maintaining and phasing in new requirements for the Office of Child Care Information System (OCCIS) and related Office of Child Care Data Portals (web interface), and the statistical analyses of OCC data. OCC looks to effectively improve the quality of IT services with greater portability and interoperability, while reducing overall IT costs long term. To foster modernization of systems, the Contractor will propose and support the implementation of technical hosting solutions to enhance and maintain the infrastructure of the OCCIS and associated components, including all communication and network interfaces and physical database implementation, enhancements and other maintenance tasks as needed. All products and services produced must be provided in a timely manner and exhibit a high level of accuracy, intelligibility and must be in compliance with industry’s best in practice standards. The Contractor shall manage, maintain and enhance the OCCIS site hosting platform, basing its work in information technology industry standards and emergent capabilities; so that user and targeted audiences can use the technological facilities for information access and uploads. These activities will take into consideration federal system security requirements around security, privacy and audits. In support of data interoperability, the addition of software designed to provide a standard means of interoperating between different software applications, running on a variety of platforms and/or framework is encouraged with the OCCIS system and data sets...

Response Due: August 8, 2016 3:00 PM

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