​Sources Sought: DHA Carepoint Health Application Suite Tiers I, II and MEDCOI Migration

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“…Objectives: The contractor shall provide skilled, technical personnel required to perform the tasks that are required to continue the existing worldwide systems administration, database administration and sustainment of the Carepoint Healthcare Application Suite (CHAS) Program which includes but is not limited to the following applications or modules; Referral Management Suite (RMS), including the Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation and implementation of the requirements related to Referral Management Suite Version 3.2, Dysplasia Patient Tracking Module (DPT), Looking Glass Module, List Manager Module, Peer Review Tracking Module (PRT), Team Composer Module, Appointments Module, and Coding Audit Reporting System (CARS) in both Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) at DoD Military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) that are being migrated to the MHS Application Access Gateway (MAAG) sites listed in Attachment 10

1.5 Scope: The Contractor shall provide source code development as well as deployment testing, sustainment and engineering support as part of its Tier I, Tier II functions. The Contractor shall provide skilled, technical personnel required to migrate existing systems to the MEDCOI environment. The contractor shall also provide functional analysis; information assurance support and incident analysis and response. Further, the Contractor shall install system enhancements and independently developed modules including, but not limited to...”

Response Due: 11:00 AM Central Time, Tuesday 4 April 2017

G2X TAKE: This 51 month task is to support sustainment for Tiers I and II of the Carepoint Health Application Suite (CHAS), a single point of access to a multitude of MHS clinical applications, and to support migration of existing systems to the MEDCOI environment.

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This notice was released on GSA Health IT SIN. Need a copy of the draft SOW? A link to the document is included in the comment thread below. To check out the full solicitation, you will want to contact one of the 148 primes on the roster as of today. 

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