Draft RFP: CMS Integrated Data Repository O&M

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** Update 1.24.16

G2X TAKE: Following a Sources Sought notice posted last Fall, CMS has released a draft RFP to obtain technical assistance for CMS Office of Technology Solutions (OTS) in support the IDR Operations & Maintenance efforts.

Released on CIO-SP3, the scope for this draft RFP includes “support and management of information systems architecture, assets (hardware, software, and resources), enterprise databases, accesses to data, and operational systems.” While the vehicle of choice had yet to be revealed, partnering efforts have been underway for some time and many of the key players have been identified in the comment thread below.

Note: G2X does not currently have a copy of the draft SOW. If any G2X member is willing to share, please pass along and we will post it – admin@g2xchange.com

** Update- a copy of the SOW hs been posted in the comment thread below. 

** Posted 10.28.16

Integrated Data Repository, FBO.gov

“The Integrated Data Repository (IDR) is the centerpiece of CMS' Enterprise Data Warehouse Strategy. The IDR responds to the agency's critical need to have an integrated data environment that contains Medicare claims, beneficiary, provider, and plan data. The underlying technology of the IDR is an integrated Hadoop and Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse. It supports the massive volumes of data associated with CMS' program benefits.

Under this task order, the contractor shall be established in performing, and perform, all of the necessary functions to ensure that the data and data services provided by the IDR for Part A and Part B claims are "payment grade." Payment grade is defined as automated validation that the data loaded into the IDR is exactly how it was received from the sending source, the installation and enforcement of internal controls to maintain separation of duties, as well as automated reporting and reconciliation processes in place, confirming the data that was actually loaded. In most cases reporting is automated, however all reconciliation is manual.

The Integrated Data Repository (IDR) include Project Management, Change Management, Release Management, Quality Management, Project Strategist, Architects, Leads, Developers, Analysts, Data Modelers, Testers and other resources as determined necessary by the Contractor in order to provide the following services for all IDR Platforms (currently Teradata, Hadoop, and Mainframe): …”

Due Nov 09, 2016 12:00 pm Eastern

G2X TAKE: CMS has been busy driving market research activities over the past week, while spreading these actions across a number of contract vehicles. This RFI to support IDR, the centerpiece of CMS' Enterprise Data Warehouse Strategy is certain to keep Marcus Koenig and the team at CMS busy as this can be expected to draw its fair share of responses. 

 From a G2X Member "If this is the IDR O&M work, then this is the HPE contract, not Cormac"  Log in to follow the conversation below. 

Looking to partner? Outside of HPE and Cormac (who received a $40M task in 2017 for IDR support), many companies and potential partners can lay claim to expertise and relationships with this program, including GDIT, QSSI/Optum and IBM. For any CMS task, we expect the competition level to be higher than normal as many of the new SPARC primes have geared up their teams in anticipation of that IDIQ and they will be looking to leverage this new capacity while they await resolution of the outstanding protests. Should you be on this list? Let us know by commenting below. Note: You will need to be logged in

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