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** Update 3.13.16

UPDATE: In the end, CMS got who they wanted as 8(a) SB and SPARC Prime Signature Consulting beat out one other bidder to pick up 1 one year $2.9M task for the development, implementation, operations and maintenance (O&M) services and transition activities for the Quality Measurement Assessment Tool (QMAT). CMS initially tried to push this through as a sole source action, but ended up having to compete this short-term requirement. More details below about this task and why it is this is currently listed under IDOS 

** Updated 2.20.16

“The purpose of this procurement is for the development, implementation, operations and maintenance (O&M) services and transition activities for QMAT and will include, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Project Management, 2. Technical documentation development, 3. EHR systems integration, data translation, e-measure specifications mapping, 4. System design, 5. System architecture, 6. System test, 7. IT Application design, 8. System programming, 9. Database design/administration, 10. IT Security, 11. IT Infrastructure, 12. Enterprise Architecture, 13. Business Intelligence (BI)/Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) Processes, 14. Technical support, technical assistance, education, and outreach; including: help desk, demonstrations of the tool to ACOs and other stakeholders and other trainings…”

Response Due: 02/28/2017 10:00 AM EST

G2X TAKE: This quick turn solicitation is for development, implementation, O&M and migration activities for this tool used for “reporting of hybrid or medical record-based quality measure data for the Comprehensive End-Stage Renal Disease Care (CEC) Model.”

This solicitation was released with a one week turn on IT-70 as a small business set-aside with a 12 month period of performance. Last Fall, CMS posted their intent to negotiate a one-year sole source extension (with the same time frame) of this contract to incumbent, Signature Consulting with the promise this will be competed SB set-aside as part of the larger IDOS contract. While the sole source may have been thwarted, we suspect this will draw few challengers, with interest in having Signature Consulting as a partner remaining high.

This task was released on IT-70. Need a copy of the SOW? A link to the document is included in the comment thread below.

** Update 11.10.16

“The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) intends to negotiate an extension of the period of performance of the Quality Measurement Assessment Tool (QMAT) contract HHSM-500-2010-00019I/HHSM-500-T0002 with Signature Consulting Group, LLC on a sole source basis.

The QMAT task order mitigates the high risk to CMS by effectively collecting quality data for the Comprehensive ESRD Care (CEC) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model, and generating quality performance scores and data files to support calculation of a Total Quality Score (TQS) for the CEC model, and to ultimately result in timely pay out of shared savings for the second performance year of the model, as required by the CEC Participation Agreement.

The extension beginning on March 11, 2017 and continuing through March 10, 2018, will allow for continued support of all development and maintenance for the QMAT tool. In addition to maintaining uninterrupted services, this extension will allow CMS to avoid disruption of services required to meet the Agency’s needs.

Continuation work for this program will be included in a small business competitive procurement for the Innovation Development and Operation Services (IDOS) contract to be awarded by the Summer of 2017. This contract/task order will include the tasks needed to support the development, maintenance and support of the QMAT application.”

Source - Special Notice – QMAT, Solicitation Number: SP-CMS-170895,

Update – CMS Extends QMAT task for one year - This was a sole source action. It appears the continuation of this work will be competed SB set-aisde as part of the larger IDOS contract. Interest in having Signature Consulting as a partner on this will only grow with this announcement. 

** Update 10.26.16

CMS has posted this sources sought on FBO as well - link here

** Posted 10.20.16

To achieve its mission and vision, CMMI constructs and manages a portfolio of models that test new ways for CMS to pay for care, measure and incentivize quality, and collaborate with the healthcare industry and beneficiaries. A model tests an intervention in the Medicare or Medicaid programs for a defined set of beneficiaries, providers, conditions, treatments, and/or population. CMMI currently has approximately 40 model tests and continually develops and implements new models. One model may require multiple systems and services from CMMI and other CMS components. This contract would provide a subset of required systems for CMMI models….

The fundamental requirements for this IT development contract include, but are not limited to:

1. Assume responsibility for six production systems currently managed by two incumbent contractors. Each system is currently in production and in use.

  • Four of the six systems are custom developed and hosted in the CMS Baltimore Data Center.
  • Two of the six systems use the Salesforce Platform as a Service (i.e.,
  • Five of the six systems are platforms that meet multiple model needs. These platforms require: (a) onboarding new models: (b) maintaining existing models using the platform; and (b) maintaining and enhancing core functionality.

2. Manage the existing systems by:

  • Onboarding new models to the shared platforms. This involves creating new applications within the platform’s framework.
  • Maintaining existing model applications in the shared platforms
  • Providing operations and maintenance services on all the existing systems
  • Complete development on one of the shared platforms. While this system is in use, the complete functionality is not yet complete…

Response due Friday November 18, 2016, 5:00 PM Local time

G2X TAKE: Whenever an agency is considering consolidating a contract, the competition is sure to rev up as each of the incumbents jockey for position and work to fill gaps. This task, to assume responsibility for six production systems, support the onboarding of new models, as well as development and maintenance of new and existing applications within the platform framework will be attractive to a host of both new and emerging firms doing business at CMS.

Looking to partner? There are a number of factors firms will need to weigh as they evaluate prime and sub options, a key one being the requirement that the "8a offeror will need to be able to certify its status throughout the contract period". Additionally, the rise of the Agile Digital Services shops will have to play a role in early teaming discussions. Some of the larger players known to have past performace and/or relationships with CMMI  and that will small firms will be trying to attract as potential partners will include Actionet, Accenture, GDIT, Northrop, Optum, Edaptive and CGI. 

This was released on CIO-SP3 SB. Need a copy of the SOW? Email us at

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