​SOLICITATION: DOD and VA Infrastructure for Clinical Intelligence (DaVINCI)

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DOD and VA Infrastructure for Clinical Intelligence (DaVINCI) – August 23, 2016, FBO

This is a full and open solicitation for a Joint Incentive Funded (JIF) joint venture project known as DOD and VA Infrastructure for Clinical Intelligence (DaVINCI). The goal of DaVINCI is to increase DOD-VA data integration for interagency collaboration establish the governance process for healthcare operations and research, develop a technical solution to access and use DaVINCI data, identify opportunities to test computing performance and leverage the integrated platform, and enterprise deployment and sustainment planning in support of the Joint Strategic Plan and each agency's healthcare and benefits missions. The DaVINCI program will deliver a powerful new capability to analyze combined DOD and VA health-care data. It addresses problems of inefficient, piecemeal approaches to sharing and analyzing data. DaVINCI deploys and evaluates solutions for governance, data integration, data security, analysis, and supercomputing to provide a solid foundation for integrated clinical and business intelligence platforms. By allowing a more complete read-only view into a beneficiary's records, DaVINCI can facilitate improved coordination patients care needs and accelerated disability evaluations. By allowing more rapid analysis of many beneficiaries' longitudinal records, this program can facilitate more accurate and efficient screening for syndromes such as traumatic brain injury and planning for joint activities such as inter-agency resource balancing of specialty-care…

Response Due: September 2, 2016

G2X TAKE: Released as an RFI early this summer, it appears the VA did not receive enough credible response from the VOSB community, and ultimately opted to release this unrestricted. If you are scrambling to find partners, you are late to the game, but the logical starting point for teaming on this is with those firms who currently maintain contractual relationships with the VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure group, such as HPE, Booz Allen and LongView. A few smaller firms such as Protiviti, who supported VINCI design efforts, Future Research Corporation (FRC), which supports a Clinical Intelligence solution for Military Health, and Cognitive Medical Systems could make for interesting partner options.

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