​Solicitation: HHS seeks Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse Tool Support

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This 3 year task is “to acquire information technology (IT) support services to help OIG users review and analyze data used for prevention and detection of fraud, waste and abuse within HHS programs. This SOW conveys the current OIG business objectives, technical environment, applicable scope, and activities to be performed by the contractor… “

"CDAC is tasked with providing analytical tools for use by OIG at large.To date, CDAC has used the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) platform to develop and host these tools. Using this platform, CDAC developers created stored processes that employ SAS and hypertext markup language (HTML)/JavaScript code to create interactive platforms for presenting and exploring data, collectively referred to as CDAC Analytical Tools (CAT).CDAC plans to develop new analytical tools in the near future.CDAC needs support with the maintenance and enhancement of its’ existing analytical tools..."

“The scope of the work is limited to project and program management and operations and maintenance activities that will focus on training, and system documentation; and includes the following activity categories:

1. Project and Program Management

2. Development and maintenance of CAT system and architecture documentation

3. System updates

4. Data management

5. Development and management of training documentation

6. User support for CAT applications..."

Response Due: Thursday, March 16, 2017 4:00 PM

G2X TAKE: In a move that is indicative of the many likely to come, HHS has released this task as unrestricted competition on what is a “small business” vehicle. With dozens of now former small primes set to re-certify as large in 2017, NITAAC will increasingly look to be creative in how they use this GWAC to satisfy customer needs and support the firms that have been critical to the success of this program.

This task was released on CIO-SP3 SB. A link to a copy of the statement of work can be found in the comment thread below.

Looking to partner? There are dozens of firms from small (think Audacious Inquiry or CNSI) to the very large (Accenture or IBM/Truven) who will lay claim to expertise in this area, but a logical place to start on this one is with those firms on CIO-SP3 SB who no longer qualify as small as the decision to compete a need as unrestricted on a SB vehicle is unlikely to have happened by chance. NITAAC clearly identifies those firms who are now large on the front page of their vendor search page here. 

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