RFP: NIH NITAAC Acquisition and Contract Administration Support

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Assist in development and preparation of pre-award Statements of Work (SOW), Statements of Objective (SOO) and other requirements documents. This effort includes assisting program offices in researching and drafting specifications and standards, including Performance-based Work Statements (PWS); developing performance measures, providing consultation and recommendations; and coordinating requirements documents. Electronic government ordering system (eGOS ) training and proficiency...

RFQ Due: 09/15/2016 05:00 PM EDT

G2X TAKE: With CIO-SP3 SB still under evaluation, this new small business requirement out of NITAAC to acquire professional acquisition and contract support services is likely a draw a few less bidders this time as firms weigh the clear OCI issues associated with this role.

The RFP states that this is a new requirement and there is no incumbent, While not Health IT, this task to support pre-award acquisition planning, source selection, contract administration, management and modifications of various contractual vehicles will and should be of interest to a number of small firms. The experience and inside perspective of the acquisition process can prove to be invaluable and relevant across the entire Federal sector. 

This was released on IT-70. Need a copy of the SOW? Email us at admin@g2xchange.com

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