​RFP: NIH eRA Agile Program Management Support Services

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… eRA offers vital solutions to manage the receipt, processing, review, award and monitoring of over $30 billion in research and non-research grants awarded annually by NIH and other grantor agencies in support of the collective mission of improving human health. Used by Federal staff and applicants at over 30,000 institutions worldwide, eRA is working to eliminate the hundreds of millions of pieces of paper previously required to:

 Record, review and process over 130,000 applications each year.

 Support more than 3,500 review meetings held annually.

 Administer more than 60,000 awarded competing and non-competing grants.

 Maintain patent and invention records for 25+ Federal agencies through iEdison.

 Support thousands of applicant interactions with the Federal Government before and after the grant award, through the eRA online interface…

The contractor shall provide experienced staff and qualified consultants who have experience and can assist in serving ORIS’s mission of providing Agile program management support services (APMSS) to the program, including activities specific to the management of software development of a large Enterprise System that follows an Agile development methodology…

G2X TAKE: This stated need for a newer Agile Program Management Support approaches on the large NIH electronic Research Administration (eRA) system will spark interest as any perceived change in delivery approach offers a hint of opportunity to break into this established flagship program.

While this NIH office made the transition from a quarterly release schedule to more agile processes in 2015, we continue to see new firms breaking into otherwise established accounts by highlighting newer agile approaches that seem to resonate with agency leaders trying to do more with smaller budgets.

Looking to partner? The first startegy any firm should employ is to cozy up to the CSRA, Leidos and ICFs of the world who have great insight into what is working and what can be improved, albeit through their lens. A few small CIO-SP3 SB firms who show up after running our algorithm include TISTA, NETE Solutions, LCG, trowbridge and trowbridge, portfolio management consulting and Octo along with other smalls such as highrise consulting and master key resources (help desk)

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