RFI: VA standardization effort will draw interest from EHR vendors

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RFI: VistA Standardization, Virtualization, Consolidation, and Security Remediation – November 15, 2016, FBO

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is conducting market research across industry to identify solutions and services to:

1. Standardize disparate VistA application instances on a single code base for VA-wide use (Application Layer).

2. Update the FileMan Application Programming Interface (API) to correctly and fully describe all Applications data, allowing Applications to read/write data through a standardized VistA Data Dictionary (Data Layer).

3. Segment and isolate the business logic layer that is currently spread throughout all layers of the VistA environment, while preserving the current business functionality (Business Rule/Logic Layer).

4. Consolidate the six Regional Data Centers in which VistA is hosted into a single, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) VistA production cloud instance. The VistA cloud shall support FEDRAMP / FISMA HIGH with sufficient load balancing and disaster recovery of VistA components to support 99.9% to up to 99.999% reliability, depending on the VistA component. The cloud environment shall also support Platform and Software as a Service (PaaS and SaaS). The cloud environment shall also support VistA development, test, and pre-production environment(s) for the single, standardized VistA instance (Infrastructure Layer).

5. Improve intrusion monitoring and auditing of VistA while closing gaps in application level security and vulnerabilities to VistA data (Security Layer)…

G2X TAKE: While the VA is clear that this solicitation is not directly related to COTS EHR alternatives, they do go on to state that this standardization “effort must be executed to have a standard VistA baseline from which to integrate and later migrate”, should a COTS alternative be selected.

With this much on the line, we suspect VA will receive their fair share of suggestions as services and product firms alike work to gain any competitive advantage they can.

A number of firms have reached out to ask why VA has released this RFI on FBO, given the alternatives. Have some ideas? Share below.

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