​RFI: VHA COTS EHR Acquisition and Transition Support

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VHA COTS EHR Acquisition and Transition Support – August 5, 2016, FBO

In order to deliver the vision of health care quality, access, choice and Veteran well-being, the Veteran Health Administration (VHA) requires effective, robust, and modern information technology systems. This robust EHR system would allow Veterans and clinical providers to send, receive, locate and use electronic health information in a manner that is appropriate, secure, timely, and reliable. This system must be seamlessly interoperable with other systems including DoD, private-sector providers and with other VA enterprise systems such as those in the Veteran Benefits Administration (VBA). It would support clinical workflow, evidence-based practice, and patient safety. It would provide clinicians, patients, and administrators the data, analytic power, and user interfaces required to monitor the effectiveness of care and improve Veteran care over time. The modernized VHA system of systems of the future will include more than just a COTS EHR in order to facilitate and automate business processes that support access and Veteran’s care.

The purpose of this RFI is to request industry feedback, guidance and recommendations on all aspects of the change management associated with this VHA COTS EHR acquisition and transition. The scope of this RFI does NOT include the Information Technology software or hardware change, but rather in helping the VHA clinical and business processes achieve this transformation in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Of particular interest are industry partners with prime contractor experience supporting the change management and business process reengineering for other large healthcare systems transitioning to a new EHR.

Specific guidance and suggestions could include but are not limited to addressing the following areas:

1. Governance to ensure responsive yet agile guidance during an admittedly lengthy and complicated transition process.

2. Change Management: an outline of foundational plans to ensure effective system and service delivery, clinical workflow standardization, stakeholder engagement, training and associated change management activities to minimize risk.

3. Enterprise cutover and control for go-live.

4. Business continuity.

5. Testing plan, materials and clinical system quality assurance.

6. Clinical and patient safety assessment; ensuring patient safety throughout an EHR transition.

7. Analytics: ideas on how to leverage analytical capabilities before, during and after a COTS EHR transition.

8. Relevant experiences deploying COTS EHR solutions…

Responses are due via email by August 26, 2016.

G2X TAKE: Continuing to fan the flames, this simple RFI posted on Friday for “Business Process Support for the [VA] Transition from VistA to a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Electronic Heath Record (EHR)” provides limited details, but speaks to the continued momentum behind a COTS EHR implementation.

The specific request for "industry partners with prime contractor experience supporting the change management and business process reengineering for other large healthcare systems transitioning to a new EHR" will be steep for small business, but companies such as Clinovations GovHealth, Audacious Inquiry and Cognitive Medical are likely to take a long look at this. Should this go large, the list of potential players expands greatly, though each firm will need to evaluate the potential OCI. 

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