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** Update - 8.26.16

This three year task was awarded to Liberty IT Solutions for $716K. Liberty beat out 5 other bidders. 

The Contractor shall provide website technical support. The Contractor shall provide design, development/coding, mockups, implementation, review, content management, documentation, training and maintenance support for VHA websites utilizing industry standards in combination with VA and VHA web policy and procedures. The Contractor shall provide development, implementation, testing, documentation and training for VHA web-based applications. In addition, the Contractor shall also provide technical liaison support between Media Management and VA Enterprise Web Infrastructure Support (EWIS) and VA Enterprise Applications Support (EAS)’s Enterprise Content Management Office…

Responses are due 3:00 PM – 04/06/16

G2X TAKE: Given some of the specific skills required, this 5-year task released on T4NG will fall outside of the comfort zone for many of the new T4NG primes. This is in direct support of the media management group, who provides website support for VHA Central Office program office, VA Medical Center and VISN websites. There is certainly opportunity here as the primes will be looking for support and expertise from partner organizations who have the expertise and staff with this specific VA experience.

A few potential partners with this kind of social media, content and web support experience at VA and who are likely to be coveted on this include SDVOSB, Duty First Consulting, Reingold, Aquilent and ICF.

The Program Manager for the VHA Media Management group has been Jenny Heiland-Luedtke.

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