​RFI: VA to develop new Enterprise Correspondence Management System

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VA Integrated Enterprise Workflow Solution (VIEWS) Salesforce Development -  “To improve VA’s performance in responding to correspondence, the Department validated and developed new correspondence processes to become more efficient. In order to support the new processes, VA is soliciting a solution for a new enterprise-wide VA Integrated Enterprise Workflow Solution (VIEWS).

This contract seeks to develop a VIEWS solution to replace the current VA Intranet Quorum (IQ). VIEWS solution and will provide VA with a modern document and workflow management system to support all VA correspondence. The new VIEWS solution will be used by VA offices, including VA Central Office (VACO), Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), and the National Cemetery Administration (NCA).”

“The Contractor shall provide OIT with Salesforce development and integration support for VIEWS including project management, requirements, design, development, content development, automated testing support, and training support for the development and enhancement of VIEWS and affected lines of business. The Contractor shall provide support throughout the VIEWS development lifecycle including compliance testing, deployment, operations and maintenance. “

Due: January 20th at Noon

G2X TAKE: This task order is for the development of an enterprise-wide Integrated Workflow Solution to support newly developed processes for correspondence management. 

This was released on T4NG. Need a copy of the SOW? A link to the document is included in the thread below. Note: you will need to be logged in. 

Looking to partner? VA is a still a bit of a tricky situation as nearly everything is being set aside for SDVOSB primes, most of these firms have a limited track record at VA and the competition is such that the "best team" (technical solution, partners, etc) does not always win. A year from now we expect it to be a different story as firms start to develop their identities and the proposal/capture abilities of each team level out. Our recommendation if VA is a focus for your organization is to spend the time getting to know a few primes (focus on SDVOSBs for now) and offer support. These are all relatively small firms and the ability to add additional capture and proposal resources will be welcome by most, especially when you can bring relevant capabilities, relationships and resources. 

Do note that the T4NG Happy Hour is scheduled for next Wednesday evening- details here

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