​RFI: VA Program Integrity Tool (PIT) Platform O&M

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“The scope of this procurement includes the continuation of software licenses, maintenance and technical support for the Program Integrity Tool (PIT). The Contractor shall provide operations and maintenance support of the PIT database; the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) applications that transmit data from field sources into the PIT; and the J-Rules Software. The Contractor shall also provide testing and Help Desk support. The maintenance support shall include updates to the system software and coordination of maintenance with the AITC Database Administrator (DBA) and the following VHA applications: Fee Basis Claims System, Claims Processing and Eligibility, Corporate Data Warehouse, and the Claims Processing & Eligibility (CP&E) Data Warehouse. The maintenance support shall also include resolution of contingency events…”

Market Reserach Response due: 2/28/2017 2:00 PM

G2X TAKE: This three-year task is for the ongoing support of the PIT platform, which was created as part of the Health Care Efficiency (HCE) Initiative and includes a set of Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA) tools.

The incumbent on this is By Light. While this is not very large at two years and $3.5M, this the type of task that will draw interest from large and small firms who support CMS as they look for any way to break into VA. The new administration has put FWA near the very top of his list as a way of showing results, making this contract a bit more attractive 

This market research was released on T4NG. Need a copy of the statement of work? A link can be found in the comment thread below.

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