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The goal of the Mobile Applications Program (MAP) is to provide VA with a mobile applications development and production environment to leverage mobile devices for expanding the number and quality of services provided to Veterans. The MAP effort will reduce application development time, improve code quality, reduce risk to source systems, reduce application cost, and provide objective metrics regarding code quality.

The MAP has a pair of projects: Mobile Development (MD) and Mobile Health External Development (MHED). The MD project is focused on developing the mobile applications. These mobile applications are treated as capabilities which are released to the App Store for internal and external user download and use. The MD project manages the lifecycle development and cyclic release of capabilities over the course of several defined increments The MHED project is focused on the testing and fielding of externally developed mobile applications to be released into the VA’s IT enterprise.

The MAP requires Contractor support services to assist with the gathering of functional requirements from stakeholders and managing their participation through the Agile development process…

The Contractor shall review requirements from multiple perspectives in order to be processed into a high-level Requirements Specification Document (RSD) and a detailed Agile Requirements Document (ARD). These perspectives include requirements processing via engagement with stakeholders, clarifying wants versus needs, entering requirements into the Atlassian Jira tool or Rational Team Concert and maintaining requirements documentation in the Atlassian Confluence (Wiki) repository or Rational Team Concert.

The focus of this effort shall be to gather, review, research, validate, and document stakeholder business needs. The Contractor shall enable MAP to become the principal conduit through which requirements flow between the customer community and the mobile application development team by collecting and disseminating product information. The VA…

DUE: 10/13/2016 12:00:00 PM

G2X TAKE: This two year task to provide comprehensive analysis of requirements for mobile applications that are being developed and/or enhanced by Mobile Development (MD) and Mobile Health External Development (MHED) projects will draw some interest, though firms will be evaluating perceived or real OCI issues closely.

Looking to partner? At this point and until we see or hear otherwise, you can expect the vast majority of tasks to be set aside for SDVOSBs. Some of the coveted partners on this include Technatomy, who has been providing PMO support for this group; SMS/Leidos (still getting used to writing that) who owns a contract providing the VA with Mobile Application Program Support, LongView, Booz Allen, and AdaptiveStack, although many can and will lay claim to mobile capabilities and past performance at VA.  

This was released on T4NG. Need a copy of the Draft SOW? Email us at admin@g2xchange.com

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