​RFI: VA Data Analytics Support Services for FSC

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This task is to “provide support to FSC in the developing and deploying analytic products covering the full spectrum of analytics, which includes the (1) use, development, deployment, configuration and customization of business intelligence and analytics software, (2) use of statistical/programming language, to include Statistical Analysis System (SAS), R and Python, (3) integration of statistical/quantitative results into visualization models, (4) use of contemporary analytic methods in loss prevention, (5) establishing and developing performance management metrics, (6) providing enterprise data governance and data management support, and (7) deployment and management of analytic solutions across a large federal organization. The Contractor shall enable the FSC to efficiently and effectively provide analytic support in the following core business areas…”

Due: 10/26/2016 12:00:00 PM

G2X TAKE: This RFI seeks vendors to support the Data Analytics Division, which is responsible for developing, delivering and managing a full range of enterprise-level data analytic products in support of the VA’s Financial Services Center. This comprehensive set of analytics support requirements will be a challenge as SDVOSBs try and make the case that they can meet the 51% threshold necessary to keep it set aside. We suspect they will be successful. 

A similar RFI and sources soughts have been released previously on FBO. 

Looking to partner? A few SDVOSBs you may want to start with who maintain experience and/or contacts at FSC. and have analytics experience include Sierra 7, Visual Connections and T4NG primes - ProSphere and Favor TechConsulting. As part of the Q&A in an earlier RFI, VA identified KGS as an incumbent. KGS partner, VOSB Tucker Rose is likely to receive their fair share of calls as well

This was released on T4NG. Need a copy of the SOW? Email us at admin@g2xchange.com

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