​RFI: The Health IT SIN and DHA Enterprise Blood Management System

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Defense Health Agency (DHA) Health Information Technology -- DHA/GSA Partnership – December 12, 2016, Submitted by jenniferauble, GSA Interact

There is a new DHA Request for Information Opportunity called "Enterprise Blood Management System (EBMS)" posted on the Health IT Schedule 70 SIN. RFI's are a great way for agencies to share requirements early to vendors as well as to assess the potential vendors who are interested in the opportunity.

If you are interested in the opportunity and are a health IT vendor, please respond on GSA ebuy! As a best practice, If you are planning a response, it would be helpful to "bid" on the response and just write on the comments - preparing an RFI and changing the response before it is due. That way DHA will have a good idea of how many responses it should expect before the RFI closes. If you are not bidding the RFI, please share the reason you are not bidding so that it is easy to understand why.

Also remember, that sometimes agencies put out the RFQ's and select only the individuals who send in responses to the RFI's, which is another reason why it is important to answer the RFI's as well as the RFQ's.

G2X TAKE: For those not tracking this on GSA Interact (we know at least 80 of you were), a fresh RFI for EBMS was released this week. GSA is pushing hard to create awareness and to prove to DHA that the new HIT SIN generates the type and level of competition DHA desires.

Looking to partner? 82 companies are currently shown by GSA as having finalized access to the Health IT SIN, though we expect that to grow quickly, especially if GSA can start to push tasks through this vehicle – here is the list of 82 to date. From large firms such as American Systems, GDIT ManTech and Leidos, to smaller firms such as Unissant, T&T, Loui and MicroHealth, there are a number of firms who will be quite familiar to DHA. 

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