​RFI: Quality Payment Program (QPP) Program Management Office

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Quality Payment Program (QPP) Program Management Office – July 29, 2016, FBO

The QPP PMO Role:

The PMO represents the body that has the highest-level strategy and fiduciary decision-making responsibilities for QPP. It will guide and support the successful implementation of the QPP program by implementing and maintaining the tools that successfully identify and track progress of work and program performance in a manner that minimizes administrative burden and maximizes transparency of effort to support executive-level analysis of program health.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ongoing implementation of the communication mechanisms that guide the program investments and strategies
  • Monitor the relevant work breakdown structures and work packages that have discrete measures of earned value and allocate budgets to them
  • Refine analytics for crosscutting portfolio backlog epics
  • Ongoing reporting on investment spending and progress via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • During the transition to Lean-Agile, the PMO may need to fulfill responsibilities for both Agile and traditional Waterfall program management.
  • Collaborate and communicate…

Response due Aug 12, 2016 12:00 pm

G2X TAKE: Late Friday,G2X received a note from CMS looking to get the word out about this RFI and to express they are “particularly interested in a Lean-Agile Portfolio Management approach”. While PECOS-Redesign had a small hiccup, it is clear that CMS is going to continue to push new approaches for how they procure and run these contracts. Whether you bid or not, it is worth taking note. 

Looking to partner? Upon reviewing the initial down-select list for PECOS- Redesign, it certainly seems as if this new agile approach taken by CMS has at least temporarily changed the competitive landscape. CMS may have back-tracked a bit, but the initial group will cause pause for many as it included a number of new faces who are not traditional power players at CMS. While we expect the more experienced CMS players to shine in the long run, all bets are off for now as firms evaluate and make the adjustments.

Note: As part of the comments thread for the PECOS-R on G2X, the firms believed to have made the down-select and those who did not are listed

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