​RFI: CMMI Geospatial Medicare Analysis Project (GMAP)

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CMMI Geospatial Medicare Analysis Project (GMAP) – November 21, 2016, FBO

The Geospatial Medicare Analysis Project (GMAP) is a project within the Innovation Center aimed at linking Medicare data with Census tract data to provide insight into the social determinants impacting the health of Medicare beneficiaries. We know from literature that where one resides is a powerful predictor of health outcomes and socioeconomic status. Therefore, using this data, CMMI hopes to support practices and provider organizations in understanding the needs and challenges of their entire beneficiary population, including the most vulnerable. Through optimal data visualization tools including GIS mapping, GMAP will provide a user-friendly and secure platform for CMMI model participants to monitor and address disparities in health. The program details included in this RFI reflect CMS’ current thinking, and are subject to change.

CMS plans to develop a web-based data analysis and mapping platform and is seeking information regarding potential solutions. GMAP will incorporate beneficiary and practice-level data from multiple sources (described below), as well as sociodemographic data from other sources that are under consideration. Responses to this RFI may include recommendations for how to organize and operationalize GMAP’s data management platform, and should describe how the respondents’ proposed solution, COTS or custom development based, may meet GMAP’s data analysis and mapping requirements…

Response Date: Dec 12, 2016 10:00 am

G2X TAKE: CMS reached out and asked that G2X help spread the word about this posted need that will use “a modern digital service approach” as the agency seeks information on potential solutions from industry and interested vendors, and to help determine the appropriate vehicle and set-aside options.

A subsequent sources sought is expected to be released in advance of any RFP. Daniel Levenson and this group at CMS have been primary drivers integrating some new agile approaches to how CMS procures their solutions. With recent solicitations, such as DEX and PECOS-Redesign under their belt, it will be interesting to see how and if both government and industry have adjusted their approaches to meet these emerging requirements.

Looking to partner? We would typically point to what small businesses have historically won at CMS as the primary starting place for evaluating partners, but with this new approach taken by CMS, you can expect firms, such as the recent agile BPA awardees, to be receiving their fair share of calls as well. Both are excellent starting points as we expect is a lot of competition on this one. 

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