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** Update 9.12.16 **

G2X TAKE: Late last week we reported that both protests related to the $52M CMS website had been dismissed by GAO. Shortly after we released the notice, G2X received a call to inform us there is more than meets the eye on this one, as yes, the protests have been dismissed, but it is because CMS is expected to take proactive action to correct identified issues in the evaluation.

It has been reported that this may include reopening this competition to all 6 bidders, although that is still yet to be confirmed. It appears this one may have a long way to go before it is resolved.

What we know is that the announced winner, the two protestors, and the three bidders who may have written this off will be revisiting their initial submissions to identify areas for improvement.

** Update 9.9.16 **

G2X TAKE: There is certain to have been a few restless nights as GAO and CMS evaluated two different protestor challenges to the award of a recent 63 month $52M contract for continued development and maintenance of CMS websites, but awardee, NETE solutions may be able to breathe a little easier now as both protests have been dismissed by GAO.

Details as to the grounds for the challenges put forth by CVP and Ryan Consulting Group, along with the rationale for the subsequent dismissal, have not been released.

NETE can now pivot and focus their efforts on delivery of this effort to support CMS websites, their systems, tools, components and applications. 

** Update 8.18.16

G2X TAKE: Nearly a month after an initial protest was filed, Ryan Consulting Group has joined  the fray, filing a protest with GAO this week. Limited details are provided at this point. This is expected to be resolved no later than Nov 25, 2016

** Posted 7.25.16.

G2X TAKE: A little more than a week after the award of this 63 month $52M task to support development and maintenance of CMS websites, it appears that at least one of the firms was not satisfied with the result, as Customer Value Partners (CVP) has put forth a challenge. The grounds for the protest remain limited at this point.

According to GAO, the protest is expected to be resolved no later than October 31st. We doubt the incumbent will complain as this has the potential to extend service for some time.

With the ongoing set of protests on CMS SPARC, the acquisition shop, led by new Director Melissa Starinsky, has their hands full.

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