FDA awards ​openFDA Support worth $10M

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openFDA Support – April 29, 2016, FBO

G2X TAKE: Beating out the incumbent, this small Federal Health IT player just picked up a 5 year $10M IDIQ in support of the FDA Chief Health Informatics Officer to provide continued developement of the next generation of this open data platform and community.

SemanticBits is still a relatively small firm, but they do have a number of Health IT projects under their belt, including the National Cancer Institute Safety Reporting System.

As part of this openFDA contract, SemanticBits will enhance existing openFDA APIs, operate and maintain the existing platform and environment, add new FDA public datasets, and provide subject matter expertise on the various community tools leveraged to address questions, and enhance the platform, code, and environment. This solicitation was posted several months ago and this is a big win to take over this contract from the West Coast based startup who had shepherded the contract to date.

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