Update: 15 more Prime awardees for the 8(a) section of $20B CIO-SP3 SB On-Ramp

Updated August 28, 2019

G2X TAKE: NITAAC posted the ‘finalized’ list of new awardees for the 8(a) On-Ramp for this $20B Best-in-Class Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) in July, but an updated official list has now been released, adding several more to the list. Check them out below.  

“The National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) is pleased to announce the award of additional contracts under the solicitation for the following Section 8(a) group of contract holders as follows. The contract has a performance period from August 19, 2019 and the contracts will extend through June 29, 2022 with a maximum value of $20 billion. The contract is designed to support the full range of IT services and health IT needs across the federal government.”

New awardees include:

Biswas Information Technology solutions (BITS)
Chags Health Information Technology (C-HIT)
C&T Technologies
Favor TechConsulting (FTC)
Hendall/BSG JV Company
ICS-TSPi United
Ideation Solutions JV
LinTech Global
Superior Government Solutions
T and T Consulting

Updated July 11, 2019

G2X TAKE: Today, NITAAC finalized the list of new awardees for the 8(a) On-Ramp for this $20B Best-in-Class Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC). As reported to G2X members last month, all protests for the Section 8(a) Group have now been cleared. The list of awardees is included below. 

8(a) CIO-SP3 SB On Ramp Awardees
AA Consulting
A P Ventures, LLC
A. Reddix and Associates
Advanced Systems Design
Alesig Consulting
Applied Intellect
Arch Systems
ArcSource Group, Inc.
Business Integra Technology Solutions
Chugach Information Tech
CNM Solutions
CPP Phacil Partners
Columbus Aspen Partners
Credence Management Solutions
Electrosoft Services
Elegant Enterprise-Wide Solutions
EMI Advisors
Enterprise Technology Services
Envision Innovative Solutions
Full Circle Computing
FWG Solutions
Halfaker and Associates
Highlight Technologies
Information Technology Strategies
Impact Innovations Systems
INADEV Corporation
Inalab Consulting
Inode ink
Intellect Solutions
Intuitive Information Systems Technologies (Chainbridge Technologies)
IPKeys Technologies
Karthik Consulting
Link Solutions
Lumbee Tribe Enterprise
Malik Consulting
Micro Health
Middle Bay Solutions II
Nelson Enterprise Technology Services
NewWave Telecom and Technologies
Om Partners
Pioneer Corporate Services
Platinum Business Services
Precise Software Solutions
Quantum Technology Group
SD Solutions
Strategi Consulting
Trigent Solutions
Triple Point Security
United Solutions
Ventech Solutions
Williams Consulting
Yahya Technologies, LLC, ( Y-Tech)
Z and A Infotek

The official award announcement can be found here. 

Congratulations to NITAAC and to all awardees! Celebrate! Now comes the hard part. Winning the all-important tasks!

NITAAC did note in the announcement that the evaluations for the general small business group are still ongoing, and no source selection determinations have yet been made for that category. If there were 81 awardees for 8(a) how many will there be for Small Business?

Announced last year, NITAAC’s CIO-SP3 GWAC is now designated Best in Class (BIC) by the Office of Management and Budget and the Government-Wide Category Management Program Management Office. Why does this matter? Agency acquisition leaders are being pressured to use Best-In Class solutions as a first choice based on their ability to “consistently demonstrates value that allows agencies to save time, money and realize speed to delivery.”

Updated December 20, 2018

G2X TAKE: 99 small businesses will head into the Holiday week with a skip in their step as NITAAC announced the long list of potential awardees for this $20B IDIQ designed to support the full range of IT services and health IT needs across the Federal Government. 

The confirmed awardees for the Section 8(a) group of contract holders are as follows:  

  1. Apogee-SAIC Capabilities Integrator
  2. Cloud Nine Technologies
  3. Strategic Operational Solutions
  4. Synergy Business Innovation and Solutions 

In addition, proposals from the following Offerors were selected for award for the 8(a) group of contractors; however, contract awards are pending eligibility determinations from the Small Business Administration:

  1. A P Ventures
  2. A. Reddix and Associates
  3. AcisTek
  4. ADG-REI Technology
  5. Advanced Systems Design
  6. Alesig Consulting
  7. Alethix
  8. Analytica
  9. Applied Intellect
  10. Arch Systems
  11. ArcSource Group
  12. Aretec
  13. Astegic
  14. AT-Impact
  15. Business Integra Technology Solutions
  16. C and T Technologies
  17. Chugach Information Tech
  18. CNM Solutions
  19. CollabraLink Technologies
  20. Columbus Aspen Partners
  21. Connexus Hub
  22. CORMAC
  23. CPP Phacil Partners
  24. Credence Management Solutions
  26. DSFederal
  27. DSG-Inserso
  28. Electrosoft Services
  29. Elegant Enterprise-Wide Solutions
  30. EMI Advisors
  31. Enterprise Technology Services
  32. Envision Innovative Solutions
  33. Excidion
  34. Favor TechConsulting
  35. FEi-NHA
  36. Full Circle Computing
  37. FWG Solutions
  38. Halfaker and Associates
  39. Hendall BSG
  40. Highlight Technologies
  41. Ideation Solutions
  42. Impact Innovations Systems
  43. INADEV
  44. Inalab Consulting
  45. Information Technology Strategies
  46. Innovate
  47. Inode ink
  48. Intellect Solutions
  49. Intuitive Information Systems Technologies, LLC \
  50. IPKeys Technologies
  51. JCS Solutions
  52. Karna
  53. Karthik Consulting
  54. KCI-Acuity
  55. Link Solutions
  56. Lumbee Tribe Enterprise
  57. Mansai
  58. MeritIT
  59. Metric5
  60. MicroHealth
  61. Middle Bay Solutions II
  62. Mutatio
  63. MyLocalFace
  64. Nelson Enterprise Technology Services
  65. NewWave Telecom and Technologies
  66. NGEN
  67. Om Partners
  68. Pioneer Corporate Services
  69. PL Technology Services
  70. Platinum Business Services
  71. Precise Software Solutions
  72. Quantum Technology Group
  73. RELI Group
  74. RightDirection Tech
  75. Rigil
  76. ScribeDoc
  77. SD Solutions
  78. Sparksoft
  79. Strategi Consulting
  80. Superior Government Solutions
  81. Sylupsion
  82. Synaptek
  83. T and T Consulting Services
  84. TConneX
  85. Technalink
  86. TowerStrides
  87. Trigent Solutions
  88. Triple Point Security
  89. United Solutions
  90. Ventech Solutions
  91. VersaTech
  92. VSolvit
  93. Williams Consulting
  94. Y-Tech
  95. Z and A Infotek

** G2X has highlighted some of the small businesses who have traditionally been bigger Federal Health IT players and who should be viewed as the most likely to take down any early Federal Health oriented task orders. 

Assuming no protests, the performance of period for this group will be from December 24, 2018 through June 26, 2022. 

“Note: The evaluation for the general small business group is still ongoing, and no source selection determinations have yet been made for that category.”  

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