​NIH awards $12.5M Network Support Services extension in advance of FY17 recompete

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NIH awards $12.5M Network Support Services extension – January 31, 2017, FBO.gov

“The purpose of this action is to award an interim task order for a continuation of services currently being provided under task order, HHSN2639999000251-HHSN2760003 with a period of performance from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

Fully competing this interim acquisition would divert resources from the ongoing competition for the replacement contract, cause delays in providing critical service, and incur additional costs that are unlikely to be recovered through competition…”

G2X TAKE: With a current potential total contract value of $66M over 5 years, the next generation of this task was already drawing increased attention, and the announcement of this interim sole source award while a recompete takes place will only increase the interest.

Initially awarded as a $22M task on CIO-SP2 in late 2011 to Leidos (SAIC at the time), this task only received one other bid. With an increased scope, recent market research efforts on CIO-SP3 drew interest from several additional competitors, to include BAE Systems, CSRA, Booz Allen and L-3, according to the J&A.

This task is understood to be for continued support of mission essential severable “Network Support Services to the NIH Institutes/Centers (ICs) and other designated customers”, “for the daily operation of NIH’s network to include the CRC Hospital and email” and for “support of NIH's core research missions which are conducted across the CIT managed NIH network“.

The NIH CIT supports a number of customers and Leidos will remain a favorite to win this contract again, but this announcement does help identify at least four other firms who have expressed interest and may be open to a call from groups or individuals who bring capabilities, insight or relationships.

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