Administration's New Innovation office sets sights on VA IT reform

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New White House innovation office to focus on tech, VA and more, Samantha EhlingerMAR 27, 2017 | FEDSCOOP

“President Donald Trump is creating a White House Office of American Innovation that will initially focus on issues such as federal technology modernization, technology procurement and overhauling systems at the Department of Veterans Affairs…”

“…Time to reform Veterans Affairs’ IT?

Spicer said the office would focus on technology procurement — and he then elaborated on new office’s focus on the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“There are certain things that it does really well, by the way, it buys prescription drugs really well. It buys them in bulk and gets the job done,” Spicer said about the VA. “But there’s certain things that it may not do as well, in terms of…”

G2X TAKE: Following up on the previous administration’s US Digital Services efforts to bring innovation to VA, this new group has reportedly identified VA reform as a primary target. Details are limited at this point and it is unclear how, and if, this new group will interact with the current VA Digital Service and Innovation efforts. 

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