Major CDC Funding stands to be impacted by repeal

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Getting Rid of Obamacare will Cripple the Department Keeping Bioterrorism and Outbreaks at Bay - January 17, 2017, By Zoë Schlanger, NextGov

It’s not just about doctor’s visits and medications. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, a pot of money used to prevent bioterrorism attacks and prevent disease outbreaks may go down with it.

The Prevention and Public Health Fund, part of Obamacare, allocates $890 million to the US Centers for Disease Control to create better infrastructure for identifying disease outbreaks before they happen, and addressing them before they spread, a new report from public health advocacy group Trust for America’s Health points out. For example, the Prevention Fund dedicated $210 million to…”

G2X TAKE: The stories about the potential downstream ramifications of any repeal effort are coming in droves, but this article does hit on the fears many government contractors and federal employees may face of funding for current and ongoing projects drying up.

Outside of the obvious and very real public health issues (and PR nightmares) that can arise, this will be a puzzle for the new Administration as they work to tease apart these large funding bills and surgically remove target areas without causing collateral damage. For government and the contractor, the hope is that this includes not accidentally cutting off funding for programs that are unrelated to the intended repeal effort.

What do you think? How much time, if any, has your firm or agency spent evaluating your portfolio and any risk that exists?

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