3M HIS adds former Army Medical Department CIO, Dr. Hon Pak, to serve as CMO

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G2X TAKE: After spending the last 6 months as an independent consultant and as the CMO for one of the more successful T4 primes prior to that, this former Chief Information Officer for the Army Medical Department has found a new home.

Hon Pak has a long standing relationship with 3M that extends back at least to 2012 when the DoD and VA signed to license the “3M Health Data Dictionary and provided access to its collection of 36 million clinical terms, concepts and definitions” to not just “Defense and VA clinicians, but doctors and hospitals around the world”

Between products and services, 3M maintains a significant footprint across MHS and at DHA. One of the 8 named larger Leidos partners, this group will be able to provide the types of expertise and credibility in key areas that few can. As their new Chief Medical Officer, you can probably expect to bump into Hon next week at the Defense Health IT Symposium.

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