A $26M ESS System Dev award at CMS and a $230M TAP Support Services task award at VA makes for a good week

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G2X TAKE: Last week was a good one for this VA T4NG and CMS SPARC prime, as they not only picked up a $26M ESS System Development task at CMS, they also scored a $230M TAP Support Services task in support of DoD/VA.

Beating out one other bidder, late last week Booz Allen was awarded a 5-year task to support the development of an Enrollee Satisfaction Survey system at CMS for use in the exchange marketplace. This is a natural extension of experience gained on the Marketplace System Integrator (MSI) contract they were awarded in 2015 to provide system integration, release management, and environment management activities for Marketplace environments.

In addition, it was also announced last week that Booz Allen has beat out 8 other bidders to pick up a 58-month $230M contract out of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Office of Transition and Economic Impact (TEI) for support of the Military's Transition Assistance Program (TAP). TEI will look to Booz Allen to support efforts to advance the ongoing implementation; sustainment and enhancement of TAP to ensure Servicemembers and their families have the necessary tools and information to seamlessly transition into civilian life.

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