Large CDC prime cleans up this Fall

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G2X TAKE: Outside of a few key Federal Health agencies, CDC remains one of the more attractive, yet hardest agencies to break into for many. Whether it is the proximity to DC, the required expertise or lack of access to the contract vehicles that CDC prefers (or all three) this remains an agency where a small handful of firms really succeed.

One of, if not the biggest winners this Fall is Northrop Grumman as they picked up a string of contracts of late, valued at more than $130M to include:

  • A 3 year $20M task for DHQP Information Management Support
  • A 4.5 year $19.5M contract to provide digital and media support efforts
  • A 4.5 year $17.4M task for Countermeasure Tracking System (CTS) support
  • Beating out three others for a 3.5 year $4.1M HIV DM/DQ
  • A 1 year task to support Natural Language Processing
  • A 4 year $3.6M task to provide NCHS DVS Surveillance and Data Visualization Services
  • And a 5 year $53M task to support technical services for digital tools and systems in support of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).

With the CDC CIMS set of IDIQ contracts expiring in 2020, firms are likley to start reaching out to CDC to see if this vehcile should be on their radar as, if CDC chooses to compete this, CDC is likely to start the process in 2018.

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