Initial Run at Repeal and Replace efforts fall flat

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G2X TAKE: The new AHCA bill intended to repeal and replace ACA was pulled on Friday. Government contractors will have to wait to hear plan B.

The G2X team typically works to find the best article(s) to help explain in plain language what this means for government contractors, but as politicized as this effort is, we have chosen not to pick any one article at this point as there are hundreds and most are geared towards the politics surrounding last week’s action.

Over the weekend, VP Pence stated that the administration intends to keep their promise of repealing and replacing ACA, but any indication as to a plan B are guesswork at best. How will this impact the timeline? How will the new administration handle support for ACA in 2018 should this push far enough to the right? There are more questions than answers right now – more to be posted as it is made available.

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