​INDUSTRY MOVE: NITAAC Program Director Rob Coen is moving on

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G2X TAKE:  After spending the past 7 years bringing immense change and a new customer oriented mindset to an otherwise staid organization, along with key vehicles such as CIO-SP3 and CIO-CS, word started to get around yesterday that Rob Coen is moving on.

G2X was able to confirm with NITAAC that this is the case. Bridget Gauer will take over as acting Director in the near term. G2X is at the DHITS conference this week and, unsurprisingly, this raised a whole set of concerns for the large and small companies we spoke to as they ponder the impact this may have on the direction NITAAC takes.

Where or when is Rob going? GSA. Yes, the same GSA that Rob has been competing against for the last several years. G2X was able to confirm this with GSA. In his new role, Rob will be supporting the Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FedSIM).

How will this impact the CIO-SP3 SB On Ramp? Will NITAAC follow through with some of their plans to promote graduated smalls to CIO-SP3? There are still lots of questions, but Rob's understanding of how industry operates will undoubtedly be missed

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