AWARD: HHS Oracle Managed Cloud Services task

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G2X TAKE: This 5 year $19.1M task released out of the NITAAC CIO-CS contract (note, we didn’t say CIO-SP3) is for Oracle Managed Cloud Services task in support of HHS. Primarily known as a vehicle for products, the ability to push services tied to technology solutions has always been there, with few companies taking advantage.

Beating out only two other bidders for this task, awardee Emergent is likely to be fielding a few extra calls as firms work to understand how/if this vehicle might be a viable option when trying to limit the competition. NITAAC has long been known for the willingness to cooperate and be creative when revenue is on the line – with a new acting Director in place, it will be interesting to see how flexible and aggressive this group remains in this competitive marketplace.

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