HHS appoints Beth Killoran as New CIO

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Welcoming Our New Chief Information Officer, July 8, 2016, Mary K. Wakefield, Ph.D., RN, HHS Acting Deputy Secretary

As our new CIO, Beth will focus sharply on collaborating with offices in HHS, and partners outside of the Department. She’ll direct high priority projects like our work on cybersecurity and privacy protection. She’ll engage in strategic IT investment planning, to make sure our resources are going to the most productive places. And she’ll keep our entire workforce at HHS moving safely and securely into the digital age.

Here are a few of the ways that Beth’s leadership will build on our work to support a cyber-savvy workforce:

  • CyberCARE – Beth will continue the Cybersecurity Communication, Awareness, Response, and Education initiative, which provides weekly tips to all HHS staff on how to keep their data and work materials safe from cyber threats.
  • Phishing Campaign Program – We want everyone working at HHS to quickly identify and report suspicious emails, so Beth and her team will help us conduct simulated, real-world phishing attempts in a safe environment.
  • Healthy Technology – Beth and her team will also continue to share knowledge throughout the Department in our non-technical and easy-to-understand cybersecurity discussion series.
  • Workforce Development Pilot Project – As CIO, Beth will help us pilot this project to identify and define the requirements for an IT workforce today, and the requirements they’ll need to meet in the future. Through this project, we’ll determine the best ways to maintain a workforce at HHS that is as tech-savvy as possible...

G2X TAKE: HHS Acting Deputy Secretary Mary K. Wakefield announced on Friday that the acting Deputy Chief Information Officer at HHS and Executive Director for the Office of IT Strategy, Policy and GovernanceBeth Killoran, will be taking on the role as its new CIO. This won't come as a big surprise as Beth has been serving as the acting CIO for nearly two years. 

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