VA Secretary: VA will move from VistA to a commercial EHR

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VA will move from VistA to a commercial EHR, secretary says, By Jessica Davis, March 09, 2017, HealthcareITNews

“VA Secretary David Shulkin, MD, told House Committee on Veterans Affairs' members on March 8 that the VA would be moving to a commercial electronic health record system.

"I've come to the conclusion that VA building its own software products and doing its own software development inside is not a good way to pursue this," said Shulkin. "We need to move toward commercially-tested products.

"If somebody could explain to me why veterans benefit from VA being a good software developer, then maybe I'd change my mind," he added. "But right now we should focus on the things veterans need us to focus on and work with companies who know how to do this better than we do."

The initial plan was a single, integrated EHR system for both the VA and …”

G2X TAKE: This is beginning to sound like an echo chamber as this article highlights the continued call from VA leaders for more commercially tested products. While the focus is rightfully on the very large elephant in the room that everyone wants to talk about, the statement by the new Secretary extends across VA into many other areas. Technology solution and product vendors must be dancing and are certain to be incorporating these quotes into their sales decks as they go and meet with VA leaders.

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