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Thank you for your Membership! 

Below are answers to the most common member questions.  Please contact us for assistance, at any time.


How do I Reset My Password?

1) Click on G2Xchange.com. Click on Login in upper right corner of screen

2) Below the Login fields and the red Login button, see “Forget Your Password” and click.

3) You will be prompted to enter your email address. Then click, reset, which will prompt an e-mail to be sent to you. Confirmation should appear on top of screen.

4) The email you receive will instruct you to enter your new password twice and hit the Reset button.

5) You should be logged in, right away. Your name will appear in the upper right hand corner.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Cooper, Member Services for assistance.

What are the benefits of G2Xchange Corporate Membership? 

Please email Julie Cooper for benefit details.

View a list of our most recent Sustaining Partners listing here.

Have news to share?

Intelligence is everywhere. Unfortunately, our team of researchers is not. If you have insight, intelligence or news you are willing to share (Industry Moves, Awards, Solicitations, News, etc), please contact our Daily Take editors know.

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