Emerging Small Business rakes in wins in support of HHS ASPR

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G2X TAKE: With no prior prime experience at HHS, this small business beat out 23 others to grab a $50M BPA late last year, managed to hurdle the inevitable protest, and recently received its first set of task awards with several one-year actions finalized, exceeding $10M in value.

Led by President and CEO, Girish Jindia, a longtime business partner and protégé of Robert LaRose, this fast rising small business, Aveshka came out of seemingly nowhere to win this $50M BPA in late 2016 to support the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). The award was initially protested by the CTRMG-GAPSI JV, but GAO dismissed the protest and it appears this group now has the green light to move forward

In February 2017, the activity finally kicked in as Aveshka picked up a half dozen or more one-year task awards ranging from $1m to $2.8M in support of a number of HHS organizations to include ASPR, COO, OEM and OPP. This BPA is intended to provide ASPR with a range of staffing support services which include everything from Emergency Preparedness/Management/Response/Recovery and Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response Communications to Program Support, Program/Project Management and Information Technology Support & Development. If HHS ASPA is a focus, this is a group worth getting to know and one to keep an eye on as a competitor and partner elsewhere.

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