​DoD working to resolve botched handoff of Service Treatment Records to VA

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Here's how the Defense Digital Service is trying to support veterans' medical records, By Samantha Ehlinger, NOVEMBER 30, 2016, Fedscoop

“When the Defense Digital Service started working with a contractor to improve the IT supporting veterans’ medical records, the techies were faced with a staggering number of missing documents.

About 20,000 documents — known as service treatment records — had silently failed to move from the Defense Department to the Department of Veterans Affairs, said Defense Digital Service Director Chris Lynch Wednesday at a public sector breakfast at Amazon re:Invent.

While problems around transferring veterans' medical records are not unknown in the federal space, the public rarely hears how the federal government, and specifically a group like the Defense Digital Service, is trying to fix the problem.

Defense Digital Service discovered records were getting lost after doctors made a seemingly unimportant decision when uploading files…”

G2X TAKE: This article highlights a recent issue that the Military Health Systems has been faced with as they work to identify 20,000 lost documents and resolve the related technology issues. While painful, these are good lessons learned as DoD tackles the much larger and more significant EHR modernization effort. 

With a new administration on the horizon, the DoD Digital Service team will naturally point to this issue and their role in any potential resolution as further proof of their value. 

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