DoD EHR Modernization Project Hits Snags, to Be Delayed

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DoD EHR Modernization Project Hits Snags, to Be Delayed – September 1, 2016, By Kyle Murphy, PhD, EHR Intelligence

The Military Health System will have to wait a little bit longer for the implementation of its EHR replacement technology as part of the DoD Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM).

On Thursday, The Program Executive Office Defense Healthcare Management Systems announced plans to modify the schedule for the launch of its new EHR system, codenamed GENESIS. “We collaborated closely with our vendor, the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health, to make the best overall decision for the successful deployment of MHS GENESIS," said Stacy Cummings, Program Executive Officer, PEO DHMS. "We have a responsibility to our customers to ensure that all required test procedures and processes are completed in an orderly manner. During the testing of the system, we identified the need for more time before initial deployment to ensure we are providing the best possible user experience to our beneficiaries and healthcare providers."

According to the release, the change is the result of "the aggressive schedule and issues identified during testing" which together have made necessary additional time to complete the project as planned…

G2X TAKE: While the DoD is maintaining a positive position by stating they remain in good shape for an “on-time, enterprise-wide deployment”, the news out yesterday that DHMSM, now MHS GENESIS, is delayed is bound to raise some concerns at DoD and on Capitol Hill about larger and longer term concerns. This was clearly not an easy decision to make, but if the initial evaluation shows they are not ready, the prudent move is to delay now and get it right the first time.

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