DHA Health IT Innovations Lead Transitioning this month

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G2X TAKE: Preparing to take on a new challenge, this exec with 24 years of experience operating in a wide range of roles from "business strategist and leader" to CIO, and most recently supporting research execution for the DHA Health IT Innovations Division, is certain to have received his fair share of calls in advance of his departure.

Mark Mellott, the Acting Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Research and Development Execution for for Health IT Innovations is transitioning out of his current role with DHA this month. Mark brings great perspective from his time in theatre, to his many roles across MHS, to his experience leading and driving large enterprise research projects and initiatives at DHA. This was planned and others are certain to have reached out already, but with his next landing spot yet to be announced, firms with a need would be wise to connect with Mark soon if they have a desire to secure Mark's services. 

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