CMS releases Business Operation Support Center (BOSC) Draft Solicitation

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“The Business Operations Support Contract’s (BOSC) Statement of Work (SOW) specifies the requirements for help desk/call center and business operations support for the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug, CMS Shared Shavings Programs (SSPs), ACO, and Innovation Models.  The SOW is centered on the following tasks: 

1.     Medicare Enrollment and Payment Systems (MEPS) Business Operations Support Center (MBOSC)

2.     Consolidated Business Operations Support Center (CBOSC)…”

Questions are due no later than 12PM (ET) on Friday, August 25, 2017


G2X TAKE: For CMS SPARC prime awardees who only qualify as a small business, it has been an interesting, if not disappointing start to the contract, with CMS setting aside the vast majority of the tasks for firms who qualify in one or more socio-economic categories.


True to the forecast they outlined in the small business kick-off this Spring, CMS released the BOSC draft solicitation this week and conveyed their intention to compete this as a small business set-aside on SPARC.


Looking to partner? All bets are off on any SPARC TORP at this point as this is a new contract with many new faces and a group of bidders that will be extra hungry for their first win. Have an incumbent? Good, but doesn't guarantee a win - not in this environment. History does remain the best indicator of future performance, and this list of the top small businesses at CMS is a good place to start if you are looking for a partner or to better understand the competition. 


Need a copy of the draft SOW? A link can be found in the comment thread below.

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