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** Update 2.2.17

Update: CMS posted confirmation of the three new large business additions on FBO - Technatomy, SGT and Leidos. At this point it does not appear as if any additional large business awardees are expected to be added. Two protests have been filed with GAO by Sevatec and Octo consulting. G2X is not aware of any confirmed activity on the small business front that would indicate a similar revised set of awardees will be made available anytime soon. We welcome emails from those willing to share and we do keep information of individuals who provide intel confidential. --

** Posted 1.30.17

Award(s): Three primes added to $25B CMS SPARC contract

G2X TAKE: CMS continues to makes progress as they work to get this important IDIQ up and running. While rumored for the past couple of weeks, CMS has officially posted three new contract actions.

Leidos, Technatomy and SGT have joined an already crowded field of large business primes. This is the second prime award for Leidos, as the Lockheed acquisition had already secured their spot. Both Technatomy and SGT had previously filed protest actions.

One thing to note is that, at this point, the posted end date (last date of order) for the contract remains June of 2021, despite the long delay. It is possible CMS will gain some approval to adjust the period of performance to the full five years once the dust has settled.

A dozen outstanding protest actions remain with GAO and the due date has come and gone with little movement. G2X has confirmed that an ongoing dialogue is taking place with many of the primes- more updates will be provided as they are made available. 

** Update 6.16.16

G2X TAKE: More than a month after CMS released the draft list of SB awardees and more than a week after CMS began the process of officially notifying awardees, the official list is finally out. Unfortunately for CMS, the first protest was filed with GAO, or we should say was refiled with GAO, on the same day as the award.

First, the awardeesThe list, broken down into socio-economic categories, can be found here. The final tally includes 54 Smalls and 27 Large firms. The CMS acquisition systems reportedly had issues posting all of the awards to FPDS early this week, thus explaining some of the gaps, but this list confirms the additional five awardees. Congratulations to all of the awardees – now the real work begins.

And, The Protest – To call this a fresh protest is a bit misleading as Next Phase Solutions and Services, Inc. previously filed a protest on May 13th, with the protest being dismissed. The grounds for this protest remain limited at this time. The protest is expected to be resolved no later than September 21st.

GAO protests do provide for the availability of an automatic stay of contract award or performance under the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) should the protestor file its protest within 10 days of the contract award or within five days of its debriefing. This protest clearly falls in this range. CMS is able to plead their case as to why they should be able to override any such stay.

How this plays out, clearly impacts CMS’s ability to release task orders, so this will and should be watched closely. G2X is by no means a contract specialist, so please feel free to challenge any of the details provided and/or expand upon the information provided.

Regardless, we would be surprised if this is the last protest CMS receives related to this award. With any 10 year $25B contract, there is obviously a lot on the line. While we are not encouraging protest actions, as seen very recently as part of the Veterans Affairs T4NG award, firms are increasingly aware that protests do sometimes pay off. 

Have thoughts about the protest or the list of awardee? Comment below. Note: You will need to be logged in. 

** Update 6.14.16

G2X TAKE: While at this point, CMS has not gone public with any awards announcement, they do continue to inch closer. 76 contract award actions were officially posted yesterday to FPDS. Several notable names continue to be absent from the list. It is unclear if there will be any final additions/changes. You can check out the full list by clicking here. Note: You will need to be logged in

** Update 6.13.16

G2X has received a number of questions about the list of CMS SPARC awardees, both unrestricted and small. We know you are interested to see the list -- so are we. All we can tell you at this point is that we have  confirmed at least some of the awards were sent out and that contracts have been signed and returned. We cannot confirm whether all award notices have been distributed and received. 

The CMS acquisition shop is crossing their Ts and dotting their eyes on this. A smart move, as with this much interest, it pays to get it right the first time. 

As is the case with all of our content, until we have an authoritative source (e.g. FPDS, FBO,, an official from all companies), we will err on the side of not publishing a list. There is plenty of speculation in the comment thread below (you must be logged in to see it). While, comments in the various threads are always welcome, be aware that they remain unconfirmed. As soon as the official list is made available, we will post it here. 

** Posted 6.8.10 ** 

G2X TAKE: After a few starts and stops along the way, and after successfully hurdling the first round of protests, CMS made the award to both large and small awardees official. More to come in the next few days as we evaluate the new competitive landscape on this important Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC) IDIQ. 

The official list not out yet. It will be published  here as soon as it is available. 

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