​CMS awards two more Agile BPA Tasks

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G2X TAKE: Activity on the multiple award 5-year Agile Delivery to Execute Legislative Endeavors for Quality Related Initiatives (ADELE-QRI) BPA awarded last Fall has been picking up steam in 2017. Two groups added wins this week, to include:

Beating out two other bidders, SemanticBits just added a 2 year $9.7M task to provide requirements, development, and O&M support for the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) using the Deliverable and Data Submission tool and the QIO Legacy Databases and Applications. This is the third task awarded to this small business under ADELE, after picking up previous tasks in support of QPP Beneficiary Reporting and Measure Attestation Work for Merit-Based Incentives Payment System (MIPS) support.

A second task was also recently awarded under this BPA as Flexion Inc beat out one other bidder to pick up a 20-month effort related to Quality Payment Program (QPP) Conversion Tools. 

** Note- the QIO work was initially listed as 3 years. It has been adjusted to show that it is a 2 year task. 

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