By Light awarded Privacy and Security Event Tracking System (PSETS)

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”First Blood Drawn on T4NG” – PSETS

G2X TAKE: As reported on LinkedIn by the winning firm, the award of Privacy and Security Event Tracking System (PSETS) is the first task handed out under VA T4NG. This comes a day after the protest put forth by SBG Technology Solutions was denied and in advance of any published decision related to the one outstanding protest levied by ProSphere Tek (could this award indicate that decision has been made?). The other outstanding protests were all dismissed last week, shortly after VA made the announcement that they were adding three additional prime contractors.

Awarded to By Light, this 4 year task is to provide helpdesk, system administration, and engineering support to the Office of Privacy and Records Management for the operation of PSETS. Additionally, By Light will provide system development support for the continued transition from Remedy 7.1 custom applications to the custom applications associated with the Remedy 7.6 system.

The VA and the TAC leadership and mission largely remain the same, but with so many new faces on T4NG, the competitive landscape is vastly different. These first awards are likely to set the early tone for the remainder of FY16, with both new and established firms having little time to adjust this fiscal year.

We should note that we give full credit to Mike Farahbakhshian from By Light for the title. Now, who gets the first SDVOSB/SB award?

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