AWARD: VA adding several additional T4NG primes

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G2X TAKE: What had been rumored for several weeks was confirmed yesterday as the VA TAC finalized awards for several additional SDVOSB primes on the $22.3B T4NG contract. Impromptu happy hours are certain to have been taking place in Alexandria, San Diego and Newport News.

The new awardees are ProSphere, VetsEZ, Insignia Technology Services and SBG Technology Solutions.

As the lone SDVOSB awardee on the original T4 on-ramp, ProSphere was one of the top winners on T4 over the past year and we are certain that many of the existing T4NG primes do not look forward to this additional competition. Firms looking to get in on T4NG would be wise to connect with these groups as they will be looking for all the help they can get as they play a bit of catch up. 

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