​AWARD: T4NG Prime picks up right where they left off

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G2X TAKE: The fiscal year calendar may have turned, but after closing strong to finish FY16, the momentum for this SDVOSB continues. This time it is the addition of a 5 year task to conduct system analysis and quality assurance for the DMC collection systems, document system processes for the CARS and CAROLS production environment, and provide system quality assurance.

Awarded to GovernmentCIO, this task may not be the most interesting piece of work as CARS and CAROLS runs on an IBM mainframe application and is written in COBOL, but it does speak to this group’s ability find the right resources and write a response that meets VA needs for now and moving forward.

GovernmentCIO did manage to secure a number of key and much more interesting wins at the end of last fiscal year, to include beating out three others for a 3 year task for OPRM Program and AdHoc Support; besting 5 others to add a 5 year $7.6M task to provide Organizational Change Management in support of the VA electronic health modernization efforts; a 1 year $2.7M task to support enabling multiple data operations and scientific computing tasks. and 7 other bidders for a 3 year $8.6M task to provide program management, analysis and software quality assurance testing for the VINCI and GenISIS projects.

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